Together We Can Complete the Dream


Why are we building a new hospital?

There are three primary reasons for building a new CMH hospital.

  • To Meet Seismic Requirements. After the 1994 Northridge earthquake, the State mandated that all acute care hospitals meet new seismic requirements. Hospitals must remain standing and functional during and after an earthquake for the safety of patients and staff and to provide medical assistance to earthquake victims.
  • To Replace an Aging Structure. CMHS would need to build a new hospital, regardless of the seismic mandate. Built in the 1960’s, the current CMH structure and layout make it challenging to meet today’s expectations for efficient delivery of care and protections for patient privacy, dignity and respect—qualities that the System values so highly.
  • To attract the next generation of physicians. CMH has been privileged to have a strong and skilled cadre of physicians to provide superior care for many years. However, like the population, many of the physicians are getting to the age where they are considering retirement. To maintain CMH’s excellent care, we need to attract younger physicians to serve our community. Younger physicians in medical school and residencies are being trained in newer hospitals with the latest in medical technology. These physicians are certainly attracted to the Ventura climate and culture, but they are going to choose to work in our community only if they are able to practice in a modern facility.
What are some of the key features of the new CMH?
  • The new CMH is oriented toward Main St, with 2 entrances off of Main St. and one off of Brent St.
  • The new hospital has all private rooms, most of them with a couch in the room that folds out for a family member to spend the night
  • The number of patient rooms will not be increased by much—from 242 in the current CMH to 250 in the new hospital. However, significant increases will be seen in areas where more critical patients are treated, e.g., Emergency Department, Neonatal Intensive Care Units, ICU, CCU, catheterization labs and operating rooms.
  • The Emergency Department will change from its current 17 curtained bays to 37 private rooms.
  • Compared to the current 7 ORs, the new CMH will have 10 ORs
  • Compared to the current 3 catheterization labs, the new CMH will have 5 catheterization labs.
  • All Maternal Child services will be consolidated on a single floor: antepartum, C-Section room, labor and delivery, postpartum, and an 8-bed pediatrics unit
  • A Healing Garden will be available exclusively for the use of patients and their families.
  • A city park in front of the entrance to the hospital will have a large water feature, lovely landscape and a colored concrete labyrinth.
  • A Music Therapy program will be started in the new CMH that includes a baby grand piano in the lobby and individual musicians who will offer in-patients brief musical interludes at the bedside.
Q: When will the new hospital open?
As with all complex construction projects, an exact date of completion is difficult to determine. We are confident that the structure will be completed in 2017, most likely in the 2nd or 3rd quarter. However, after we are handed the keys to the facility by the builders, we will still need about 3 months to stock supplies, install equipment—and most importantly, train the staff.
Q: Who will be able to park in the new parking structure and will there be a cost?
The parking structure is owned by the City, even though CMHS paid for its construction. Of the 571 spaces, 280 will be designated for hospital visitors. The remaining spaces will be open to local businesses and physician offices. CMHS will not charge for parking, but the City always has the option to charge for their allocated spaces.
Q: What will happen to the current Community Memorial Hospital?
Of the 8 floors in the current CMH, we will consolidate the services remaining there to 4 floors—services such as the laundry, rehabilitation, the laboratory, nuclear medicine and administrative offices. We do not have a confirmed master plan for the remaining 4 floors, but we are considering some space to be devoted to offices for the expanding Graduate Medical Education program and possibly some conference room space. As funds allow, we will develop additional possibilities for the remaining 4 floors.
Q: What is the cost of the project to build the new Community Memorial Hospital?
Community Memorial Hospital secured $350 million in tax-exempt bonds to meet the costs associated with building the new CMH. Of that amount, $285 million is for construction and medical equipment, and the remaining $65 million for land acquisition, mandated reserves and initial payments on the bonds.
Q: Why conduct a Capital Campaign?
Built into its financial projections to the bond holders, CMHS made a commitment to raise $25 million in philanthropic dollars from the community. Residents across Ventura County recognize the importance and value of a new CMH, with its excellence in medical care and state-of-the-art medical technology. Further, the ability to access such a wide range of treatment modalities so close to home is a value that resonates strongly within our community. The Capital Campaign will give every one of our community members the opportunity to invest in the capital campaign to build the new hospital and to know that their support helped to build this community treasure. Best of all, pledges can be made and paid out over a period of 5 years.
Q: Are naming opportunities available in the new CMH?
Both internal and external, landscaped areas of the hospital have been identified as appropriate spaces for naming. A gift of $10,000 or more will qualify the donor for a naming opportunity and for recognition on the main donor wall in the lobby. Your tax-deductible contribution can be recognized in your name, your family’s name, in memory of or in honor of a family member, a special person or your company.
Q: How do I find out more about the project and the campaign?
Watch for project and Campaign updates on this website. If you have questions or need specific information, you can call the CMHS Development Office at 805-667-2885.