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Jim and Joanne Abing
Cecilia Abundo
Áegis Living
Jesus Aguayo
Michael Agustin
Arthur and Ann Ahlstone
Juan Alfaro
Tess and Andre Allen
John Sherry Allen
Bonita Altman
Guillermina Alvarado
Artemia Alvarez
American Medical Response/Gold Coast Ambulance
Dr. Albert and Rosalind Amorteguy
Barbara Anders
Dr. Todd Anderson
Teresa Anderson
Madge Anderson
Andria's Seafood Restaurant and Market
Rosemarie Angeles
Dr. Ted and Dee Angus
Anonymous (12)
Norma Aparicio
Apex General Contractors
Angelica Arango
Dr. Amir and Maryam Arfaei
Alfonso Arguelles
Rebecca Ashley
Steve and Cheryl Askay
Assisted Home Health & Hospice Care
Kelley Atwater
Brendel Auza
Dr. Duke and Young Bahn
Lisa Baier
Dr. Michael and Alison Bailey
Lisa Baker
Molly Baker
Jan Bale
Myra and Ronald Bank Family
Dr. Edward and Jill Banman
Gabriela Bañuelos
Rocio Barajas
Shirley Barela
Dr. Charles Barnes
Ken and Marian Barone
Dr. Steven and Denice Barr
Irma Bassine
Shelby Bauer
Maggie Baxter
Dr. Marc and Jane Beaghler
Evelyn Beckett
R.T. Beers & Company Insurance Services, Inc.
Dr. Michael and Karen Began
Kasteen Beltowski
Paz Benito
Ralph "Hoot" and Donna Bennett
Benziger Family Winery, LLC
Guillermo Berber
Carolyn Berenson
Dawn Bergeron
Dr. Samuel Bern and Dr. Laurie McCall
Dr. Robert and Dianne Bernstein
Sherry Berry
Anthony and Pamela Bevan
Dr. Michael and Sharon Bick
Dr. Helmuth and Samantha Billy
Ashima Bischoff
Norman and Joan Blacher
Dr. Michael and Robin Blue
Gene Blythe
Brenda Bonilla
Dr. Jeffrey Brackett and Miriam Arichea
Mike and Heidi Bradbury
Mary and Bob Braitman
Kimberly Bridges Family
Dr. Jack Broms
Bob and Kathy Brooks
Dr. Michael and Mary Lou Brown
Ike and Linda Brown
Dr. Richard and Marie Browne
Dr. Donn and Teresita Browne
Dr. Tom and Patti Brugman
Estelle Brutton
The Buena Vista Hospice Butterfly Foundation
Dr. Dang Bui
H. M. and Susan Bullock
Dr. William and Vyda Burger
Doug Burkhardt
Deedee Busch
Busch Family Foundation
Dr. Lamar and MarLynn Bushnell
Jim and Mickie Butterbaugh
Jan Button
Dolores Cabrera-Valdovinos
Jaime Cadang
Cenea Calabrese
José Caldera
Alyssa Calderon
The Caldwell Family In Memory of C.M. "Morrie" Caldwell
California Resources Corporation
Kelly Calkins
Brenda Calloway
Debbie Campbell
Faye Campbell
Dr. Khozema and Arwa Campwala
Dr. Neil and Claudia Canby
Jeff and Angeline Cannon
CAPCommunity Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Debby and Scott Carlson
Don and Bonnie Carlton
Yvonne Carr
Mary Carter
Roderick and Claire Carty
Tony Castelan
Manuel Castro
Central Coast Radiology Assc. & Pueblo Radiology Med Grp
Debra Cervantez
Peggy Chabino Thieman
Carmen Chacon
Chuck Chadwell
Kim Chaewchansilp
Dr. Steven Chang
Dr. Susan Chang and Michael Cha
Dr. Scott and Su Changchien
Dr. and Mrs. Gary J. Channer
Beatriz Chavez
Sandra Chavez
Jose and Susan Chavez
Robert Cheatham & Family
Dr. Jian Anna Chen and Dr. John Lu Chen
Betsy Blanchard Chess
Cecelia Chester-Gantt
Alex Chianese
Dr. Frank and Barbara Chieu
Dr. Kyu and Young Choi
Leora Chrestman
Corazon Chua
Matthew Churape
Sylvia Churape
Mario and Darcy Chutan
Laura Clark
Virginia Clay
ClearPoint Healthcare, Inc.
Clinkenbeard, Ramsey, Spackman & Clark, LLP
CMHS Engineering Department
CMHS Social Service Department
Cheryl Cobb
Matt and Lisa Cogdill
Bob and Carol Cole
Norma Colley
Jadona Collier
Ken and Doris Collin
Ruth Collins and Bill Jannisse
Commander Printed Products
Community Memorial Healthcare Foundation
Community Memorial Hospital Auxiliary
Marila Cook
Ted and Suzette Cook
Trudy Cook
Shamekia Copeland
Dr. Lilia Fernandez Coppa
Diane and Sean Cornell
Janine Coronado
Nadine Cortez
Lee Cothern
Dr. Stephen and Carol Covington
Dr. Steven Coyle
Wanda Crane
Lincoln and Theresia Cryne Trust
Wayne and Diane Culberson
Dr. David Culton
Nancy Culton
CVP - Concerned Ventura Physicians
Betty Daly
Catherine Dart
Dr. Susseela Dasari and Dr. Ratnam Dasari
Lee Ann Davidson
Dr. Scott and Pat Davis
Pamela Davis
Carmen De La Cruz
Doug and Caroline De Sario
Nicki Delano
DeMartini Family
Cindy DeMotte
Dr. Mary Dial and Dr. Lanyard Dial
John and Susan Diedrich
Dr. Patrick Diesfeld and Dr. Estela Diesfeld
Dr. Robert Dodge
Dr. Victor Dominguez
Dominguez Family
Bill and Mary Kay Doubek
Donald and Ruth Downey Family
Phil and Marcia Drescher
Thomas and Judith Drew
Denise Drury
Victoria Duah
Patricia Duarte
Ruth Dudley
Jude Dumas and Dennis Copas
Lisa Dunlap
Lindsey Dunn
East Ventura Kiwanis Club
Dr. John and Linda Edison
Duane Eells and Family
Kirsten and Glenn Eliab
Yvonne Elizondo
Michael Ellingson
Dr. Linda England
Maria and Paul English
Ensign Group - Victoria Ventura Healthcare, LLC
Erin Louise, Amy Marguerite, Carly Christine
Mona Estrada
Cynthia and John Fahey
Faria Family Partnership
Glen and Karen Farr
Richard L. Fausset and Family
Caroline Felber
Ferguson Case Orr Paterson LLP
Fred and Virginia Ferro
Dr. Eric Fields
Elvia Fierros
Dr. Ken Fischer
Dr. Arthur and Jennifer Flynn
Elaine Forest
The Foundation of Ventura County Credit Union
Tony and Edie Fowkes
Melvyn and Mary Lee Fowler
Sandy and Thor Frandsen
Dr. Newton and Vonise Friedman
Dr. Stanley and Heidi Frochtzwajg
Stanley and Peggy Frykholm
Mandy Furlong
Ed and Eileen Gaiser
Chuck Gaither
Tim and Cheryl Gallagher
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Insurance Brokers of California
Will and Susan Garand
David Gardner
Nancy and Spencer Garrett, In Memory of Betty & Joe Garrett
Dr. Bob and Brenda Garrison
Bert and Nelda Gemmell
General Surgery Medical Group of Ventura County
Dr. Armand and Erin Ghaffari
John and Vera Ghenov
Carol and Jack Gilbert
Rod Gilbert
Harold and Verene Gingerich
Cathy Glenn
Donald G. Gloisten
Dave and Maryellen Glyer
Estrelita Gobuyan
Dr. Thomas and Debbie Golden
Karen Goldenberg
Hector and Susana Gomez
Gone West Cellars
Irma Gonzalez
Liza Gonzalez
Osvaldo González García
Gordon Ross Medical Foundation
Mary Greek
Mary Jane Green
Benetta Greene-Nealy
Robert and Sally Grether
Maureen Griffiths
Dr. Irwin and Sharon Grossman
Dr. Joseph and Carol Gstettenbauer
Henry L. Guenther Foundation
Griselda Guerrero
Jaime Guillen
Dr. John Gustafson
Jeannene Gutierrez
Gynecologic Oncology Specialists
Rose Haight
Dr. Jill Hall
Dr. Jack and Beverly Halpin
Doug Halter and Randy Encinas
Mrs. Richard S. Hambleton, Jr.
John Hammer
Tim Hammond
Dr. John and Meredith Handley
Richard and Kathryn Hansen
Barbara Hardesty
Jim and Tish Harris
Marilyn Harris
Ralph, Jim and Myron Harrison
Dr. Bill Hart
Doug Hart
Evelyn Hart
Bud and Sally Hartman
Lyndsay Heitmann
Marilyn Hemming
Burt and Margaret Henderson
Carina Heritage
Heritage Oaks Bank
Dr. Anthony Hernandez
David Hernandez
Joel Hernandez
Ronald and Carolyn Hertel
Carol Hertel
Jeanette Hess
Dr. John and Barbara Hill
The Hofer Families
Janice Holden
Robert and Kathleen Holmgren
Tinette Hood
Lydia and Tom Hopps
Dr. Jim and Dana Hornstein
Kathleen Horton
Victor Hosford
David Howard
Charles Hunter
Dr. James M. Hunter Family
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz R. Huntsinger
Hurley Miller Family Foundation
Betty Isensee and Isensee Floorcovering
Jon and Ann Ives
Dr. Gösta and Mary Iwasiuk
Lynn and Gary Jacobs
Martha Jennings
Dr. Chris and Emily Johnson
Ron and Barbara Johnson
Lawrence Johnson
Katie Johnston
Sarah Johnston
Dr. Steve Jones and Dr. Karen Jones
James Josue
Eulalia Juarez
Donna Jue
Edward and Ginger Jue
Donna Kacerek
Deborah Kahana
Dr. Peter Karlsberg
Helen Karlsberg
Dr. Tajinder Kaur
Bill and Elise Kearney
Catherine Keating
Donna S. Keaton
James and Sherryl Keegan
Dr. Ann Kelley Salahuddin and Syed Zaki Salahuddin
Ajaz and Eileen Khan
Dr. Seyed Khoddami and Dr. Neda Heidari
Susan Kim
Dr. Tatsuo and Mary Kimura
Marilyn and Jack Kisch
Diany Klein
Shirley Knutson
Jan and Mike Koevenig
Promila Kohli
The Kong Family
Erwin Kosasih
Dr. Alex and Annette Kowblansky
Ray and Tricia Krakowski
Joe and Kyle Kreutz Family
Bob and Norma Lagomarsino
Robert and Carol Lamb
Meg Larramendy
Lisa Larramendy
Haady and Anita Lashkari
Gary Laub
Ron and Ramona Lawrence
The Leavens Family
Dr. David Lebell
Dorothy Jue Lee
Hui-Fang Lee
Dr. Kee Lee
Terry Legere
Dr. Daniel Levy and Laura Hout
David Lew
Lifeline Medical Transport
Limco Del Mar
Carlos Limon
Limoneira Company/Limco Del Mar
Dr. Tesu Lin
Stella Ling
Nancy and Clint Lininger
Manon Llewellyn
Diane Lloyd
Dorothy Loebl
Dr. Geoffrey Loman and Dr. Nancy Loman
Armando and Luly Lopez
Angela Lopez
Julia Lopez
Los Robles Homecare Services, Inc.
Dr. Brigitte Lovell
Dr. Edgar and Stacie Lueg
Dr. Bryant and Linda Lum
Mike Lurie and Nancy Kochevar
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Luttrull
Dr. Kip and Sandy Lyche
Laiying Mac
Dr. Nelly Mac
Saul Macias
Cheryl Madrid
Maria Madrigal
Adella Magdaleno
Luiz Maggio
Josefina Magistrado
Mail Manager
Main Course California
Major Events Trailers
Robert and Louise Malcomb
Joe Manheim
Dan and Barbara Manzer
Kevin and Megan Marble
Dr. Maria Halvorson and Dr. Kooros Samadzadeh
Tanya Marquez
Alphonse and Jan Marra
Mary Anne Marsch
Chuck and Edie Marshall
Larry and Carole Martin
Benjamin Martines
Rogelia Martinez
Dr. Jerry Maryniuk and Diane Bertoy
Sandy and Paul Masiel
The Family of John A. and Judy A. Masterson
Judy Masterson
Nancy Maurer
Harry and Carolyn Maynard
Carla Mayr
Ted Mayr Funeral Home
Maywood Acres Healthcare
Dr. Robert Mazurek and The Mazurek Family
Bobbie Mc Caffrey
Michelle and Wayne Mc Ghee
Susan and Bill Mc Millon
Dr. JillAnne and Scott McCarty
John and Anne McConica
Charles and Rosena McConica
Ruth McCool
Mary McCormick
Mac and Christy McCown
Lisa McFarlane
Steve and Patricia McGillivray
Miriam McGrath
Dr. Rosemary McIntyre
Kevin McKean
Dr. Jim and Marilyn McKinzie
Monica McMichael
Medical Staff of Community Memorial Hospital
Celia Medina
Deborah Medina
The Meister Family Foundation
Brenda Mendez
Gloria Mendoza
Dr. Charles and Jay Menz
Jane Merritt
Gary Metelak
Mary Miasek
Linda Stephens Michon
Kerry and Leslie Miller
Judy Miller
Dr. George and Jeanne Mitchell
Dr. Mark and Kathy Mitchell
Julienne Mitchell
MJP Technologies, Inc.
Kris Moffett
Sally and Kenny Molenhouse
Dr. Eric and Lori Moll
Dr. Charles Montague
Montecito Bank & Trust
Patsy Montes De Oca
Yolanda Moran
Manuela Moreno
Sean Morreale
Morrison Healthcare Food & Nutrition Services
Mountains 2 the Beach Marathon
Ted and Dale Muegenburg
Mullen & Henzell L.L.P.
Laya Murphy
Margaret Murphy
Nicholas Naranjo
Family of Walter & Jo Neilsen
Hemmendy Nelson
Neovia Integrated Insurance Services, Inc.
Network For Good
John and Susanne Neumann
Nancy Newell
Nancy Newman
E. C. Nichols, LLC
Melba Nichols
Ronald and Ann Nichols
Dianne Nichols Ruby and John Ruby
Lindsay and Jackie Nielson
Mary Nishimura
Jean Norman
Cecile Notzka
Megan O'Neill
Devin O'Neill
Cherisse Ormsby
John and Stephanie Orr
Mary Ann Ortega
Graciela Ortiz
Kari Osborn
In recognition of the Oster and Alsup Families
Chris and Roland Ouellette
Pacific View Mall
Pacific Western Bank
Antonia Palacios
Paradise Chevrolet
Anita Pardo
Marsha Parker
Pilar Parker
Arlene Parker
Dottie Pas
Dr. Sandhya Patel and Dr. Shirish Patel
Jeff and Marie Paul
Gary Pearce
Tom and Karen Pecht
Rodolfo Pecina
Pediatrix Medical Group, Inc.
Nancy Penner
Erlinda Perey
Tracy and Doug Perlich
Dr. David and Claudia Perlmutter
Dr. Arthur and Jeanne Peters
Susan and Don Petty
Betty Phillips
Helen Pidduck
Kirk and Bonnie Pieper
Susanne Pingree
Allan Pinkerton Family
Robert and Lupe Piros
PODS Moving and Storage
Poinsettia Republican Women Federated
Ron and Judi Polito
Larry Markworth and Sue Pollack
Greg and Gloria Pollock
Cathy Polzin
Ruth Pool
Christina Poolman
Dan and Robyn Popescu
Dr. Martin and Barbara Pops
Robert and Olivia Potter
Doris Potter
Christina Prado
Lynn Pratt
Dr. Victor and Sandy Pulido
Ed Pulido
Dolly Puls
John Quinn
Erin Quinn and Family
Kathrina Quipot
Marygrace Quito
Rabobank, N. A.
Angelica N. Ramirez
Angelica Ramirez
Maria Ramirez
Teresa Ramirez
Rebecca Ramos
Dr. Ishu Rao
Rasmussen & Associates
Sylvia Raya
Dr. Constanze Rayhrer
Emilie and Myron Rayman
John Real
Joseph P. Reardon Funeral Home & Cremation Service
Dr. Miriam Reaves
Timothy Reebel
Mark Reeves
Dr. Marc and Amy Jo Reinoso
Cindy and Mike Reinwald
Dr. Richard and Lori Reisman
Peter and Heather Remedios
Dr. Jeffrey Richardson and Estela Alcova
Andrea Ricketts
Editha Rivera
Jean Robinson
Albert Robsahm
Megan Rodarte
Beverly Rodrigues
Rudy Rodriguez
Violeta Rodriguez
Clara Rodríguez
Titinia Rogers
Dr. Joseph and Pat Romolo
Laura Rosales
Ron and Barbara Rose
Steve Rose
Martin and Inge Rose
Jean Rowe
Dorothy and Jim Rowins
Evon Rubenstein
Cathie Ruby
Ric and Penny Ruffinelli and Family
Dr. Richard and Jane Rush
John and Peggy Russell
Micheline Sakharoff
Geraldine Salsedo
Donald and Shirley Samuelson
Harriet H. Samuelsson Foundation
Ronald and Claudia Sandifer
Sonia Sandomer
Santa Barbara Foundation
Dana SantaOlalla
Bimi Santo
Dulce Santos
Dr. Perry and Kathleen Santos
Mary and Tony Schmitz
Dr. Roy and Lynn Schneider
Dr. Phil and Millie Schofield
Evelyn Scott
Pamela Seabert
Ted and Linda Selby
The Sence Foundation
Maryann Senores
Jeffrey Shadden
Lori Shaklee
Claudette Shaw
Dr. Timothy and Lesli Sheehy
Mel and Cathy Sheeler
Dr. Sanford and Jane Sherman
Tami Shields
Dr. Joel and Renee Siegel
Bob and Joanne Simmons
Steve and Shirley Simms
Dr. Arthur and Nancy Simpson and Family
Dan and Debbie Sisemore
Dr. Susan and Shane Slater
Nicolette Sloan
Dr. Samuel and Pamela Small
Linda Smith
Shelley and Gregory H. Smith
Martin V. & Martha K. Smith Foundation
Dr. Tara Marie and Sean Snow
Jeffrey Smith and Dr. Rebecca Sokol
Solimar Beach Colony, Inc.
Sound Physicians
Dr. William and Pam Speitel
The Spriggs Family
Linda Stephens Michon
Margie and John Stites
Judge Steven Stone and Kathleen Stone
Dr. Siegfried and Cheryl Storz
Dr. Hank and Sue Stoutz
Judith Streamer
Dr. Frank and Krista Stuhr
Paul and Shirley Sturges
Bonnie Subira
Amie Jean Sulit
Carrie Sundberg
Dr. Aron and Bobbi Swerdlin
Cindy Swett
Alicia Talamantez
Antoinette Tarango
Dr. Sharif and Homa Tarazi
Dr. Leo Tauber
Dr. Dominic and Carolyn Tedesco
Dr. John Tesman
Dorcas Thille
Bud and Virginia Thomas
Helen Thorpe
C. Eugene Thrift
Adam and Alexis Thunell
Myrna Tiongco
Eileen Tolentino
Tolman & Wiker Insurance Services
Robert and Maria Tonso
Laura Toomey
Joy Tovey
Royce and Beverly Townsend
Becky Trevino Rivera
Lisa Trout
Dr. Brian Tuai
Dr. Suckchai " Tula" and Piangporn Tulathimutte
Dr. Richard and Connie Tushla
Craig and Sara Jane Underwood
Cathy Urot
Pedro Valadez
Rita Valenzuela
Angélica Valles de la Torre
Vicki van der Toorn
Tracy VanNatta
Cristina Vazquez
Lourdes Vedar
Dorothy Venegas
Ventura Anesthesia Medical Group
Ventura Beach Marriott
Ventura Cardiology Consultants Medical Group, Inc.
Ventura County Hematology-Oncology Specialists
Ventura Emergency Physicians
Ventura Orthopedic Medical Group
Ventura Plastic Surgery Specialists
Ventura Post Acute, LLC
Ventura Rental Party Center
Ventura Sandwich Company, Inc.
Ventura Townehouse, Inc.
Crystal Vidana
Lou and Rosemary Vigorita
Marilynn Viles
Joe and Sandra Wagner
Bertha Wagner
Alex Waites
Barbara Wanamaker
Dr. Chung Nan and Men-Hua Wang
Ed and Hilda Warren
Jeff Warrender
Dr. J.N and Florence Warwar
Dr. Robert Warwar and Dr. Wendy Warwar
Dr. Jerry Waters
Del E. Webb Foundation
Robin Weber
Susan Webster
Norm and Lynn Weitzel
Mr. Rodney Weldon and Mrs. Kathryne Weldon
Carol Welle
Wells Fargo Employee Donations
The Wharf
Heidi and Michael Whitcomb
Dave and Leila White
Victoria White
The Honorable Colleen Toy White and Art Bliss, Jr.
Karen Whiting
Roger and Janett Whitlock
Jo Ann Whitson
Theresa Whitt
Pat Wiker
Mary Wilborn
Gary and Cheryl Wilde
Dianne Wilkins
Dr. Douglas and Katherine Wilkinson
Miriam Wille
Art Williams
Robert and Janice Willis
Janice P. Willis
Margaret Winton
Gary and Ann Wolfe
Jeanne Jue Wong
Karin and Robert Wood
Dr. Doug and Caryn Woodburn
Dr. Jim and Kay Woodburn
The Wood-Claeyssens Foundation
Nancy Worthington
Kathryn Yamada
Daisy Jue Yang
Mike and May Yee
Kei Mei Yim
Archie Young
Paula Zajac
Hooman and Tricia Zarrinkelk
Michael of the Ron and Pat Zenone Family
Yaning Zhang
Norma Zuber
Eugene Zubrinsky