Together We Can Complete the Dream


  • Emergency Department

    Designed to meet the region’s growing demand for emergency services with a 65 percent increase in capacity, the new ED has large fully-equipped specialty and trauma rooms, and an enhanced layout that facilitates transferring patients more quickly and efficiently into surgery, ICU, and labor and delivery.

    “It happened so fast. I don't know what we would have done without the doctors in the Emergency Room. Staff was kind, concerned, knowledgeable and friendly. They made us feel safe.”

    Community Memorial Hospital understands how essential state-of-the-art emergency services are to our patients and the community. The new ED offers technologically advanced emergency medical care in a compassionate, family-centered setting during the most stressful moments in life. We’ll be there when you need us.

  • Critical Care Units

    The new Critical Care Department is a third larger in capacity, with two new heart catheterization labs as well as expanded and enhanced Cardiac Care (CCU) and Intensive Care (ICU) Units. The department features state-of-the-art technology that provides a continuous flow of data during a patient’s stay, improving our ability to diagnose, treat and heal those in the most critical condition.

    “It was a heart attack. But he’s doing great now, thanks to some excellent care in the CCU.”

    As more and more medical procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, hospitals are increasingly focused on caring for those with serious, life-threatening conditions. As the experts in critical care, CCU and ICU staff members helped design the new units to ensure the utmost in patient care and comfort.

  • Maternal Child Floor

    With upgraded services, new technologies and an efficient design, the Maternal Child floor includes an eight-bed Pediatric Department, Labor and Delivery, a C-section room and a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The new NICU has been expanded to 23 beds to accommodate the continued increase in premature births.

    “All three of our children were born at CMH. Our youngest child came early and needed immediate and intensive care. The entire family was so worried, but fortunately, everything turned out fine. It’s hard to put into words how much we value the care she received in the NICU. It’s made a difference for her entire life.”

    CMH is proud to be the leading birth center in Ventura County. The enhancements to our Maternal Child floor ensure that the finest care available is always provided for the youngest members of the community. They are, after all, our special gifts to the future.

  • Surgical Suites

    Designed as operating rooms for the future, the 10 new surgical suites contain integrated information technology that covers all aspects of care from patient monitoring systems to life-support equipment. The design, including ceiling- mounted equipment that provides more space for the surgical team to operate, allows for the addition of new equipment as surgical procedures and technology evolve.

    “It was major surgery but everything went so well that he was out of bed within hours of surgery and home in just a couple of days.”

    Advanced surgical suite technology makes it possible for patients to spend less time in the operating room and under anesthesia, resulting in safer procedures and shorter recovery times.

  • Patient Healing Rooms

    Each of the patient rooms in the new hospital is private and designed to provide a high degree of comfort as well as a healing environment. The patient rooms are large enough to accommodate comfortable overnight stays by family members.

    “We were able to stay with her the whole time. It made such a difference.”

    Private patient rooms have been shown to improve recovery time, reduce risk of infections, better accommodate the latest medical technologies, and minimize transfers. Doctor-patient confidentiality and communication are maximized when the patient has a private room.

  • Environmentally Responsible

    The new hospital is in full compliance with current state structural and non-structural seismic codes. This extra layer of safety helps ensure that the hospital will be able to continue to provide critical medical services for the community during emergencies or disasters. CMH is incorporating “green” principles, as defined by LEED

    “In addition to directly caring for patients, we care for the health of the environment. By designing a green environment, we contribute to everyone’s health."

    (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for Healthcare guidelines, in the hospital’s design, building processes and operations.

  • Future in Mind

    Inside the Hospital from the basement to the top floor and outside in the healing gardens, a key objective is to address today's needs and anticipate those that will come in the near and distant future.

    "The new Community Memorial Hospital is designed with the next 50 years in mind."

    To this end, the new private patient rooms incorporate a ‘universal room design’ with the flexibility to be reconfigured for new technology and healthcare changes that come along. Unprogrammed shell space is also included to provide options for expansion and future technology and care that we cannot not even imagine today.